Karen Steinhoff has been helping businesses and business owners straighten out their bookkeeping, payroll, filing, and back-end processes since 1991.

Noticing that many businesses didn’t have the capacity to set-up, troubleshoot or grow their operations in-house, Karen founded First Light Venture in 2001. She is passionate about her clients’ businesses and contributing powerfully to their total success. Says Karen: “each of my clients knows that I’ve got their back. I’m fully in their corner.”

Earlier in her career, Karen was an administrator for the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, where she overhauled the incoming Cabinet Minister’s office procedures. She also oversaw budgets totaling $500K – $1M for Cisco Systems Canada national networks projects as a private business consultant.

Throughout her career, Karen has helped businesses large and small redefine their back-end business processes to maximize effectiveness…and return on their efforts.

One client hadn’t filed income taxes in 5 years, and was feeling the heat from the IRS. Karen got them “out of the rough”, updating and filing their taxes in a week. Now, it takes this client about 2 hours a year to prepare and file their taxes.

Another client had no idea how much money they had, owed, or were due for work they’d already performed. They hadn’t had a bookkeeper for the last 2 years. They hadn’t filed taxes, consistently invoiced customers, or reconciled their bank statements. Talk about a pickle!

It took Karen 14 hours to troubleshoot, reconcile, research and clean up their books. Even better, they only needed to hire a bookkeeper for about 2 hours a week to keep the system going. And five years later,  their systems are so streamlined and smooth, they only use a bookkeeper  for 2 hours a month.

Karen is an active member of the Napa Chamber of Commerce and the Fairfield/Suisin Chamber of Commerce. She is also a competitive horseback rider.